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Tetem presents:

BYOB Twente

Bring Your Own Beamer
Friday the 3rd of February 2017
from 20:00 - 00:00 @ Tetem, Enschede

Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an international concept initiated by internet artist Rafaël Rozendaal. BYOB is a series of one-night events, featuring the most amazing creations made by artists and other creatives using a projection device.

The visitors pay 3 euro’s for which they receive 3 tokens. With these tokens the visitors can vote for their favorite creation. This way the BYOB participants receive a fee based on what the public thinks of their work.

During the 6th BYOB in Tetem, we will give the Beam your Drive Award to the artist or maker who’s work can provide an insight in the influence of technology on his/her own professional or personal life.

Join the fun during this unique 360º exhibition experience and to apply as a participant see below!

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